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Strategic Revenue Planning at Fond

Fond’s new VP of Marketing was ready to lead the company’s revenue planning for the upcoming year, but with so many priorities on his plate as a recently hired executive he needed outside support. Owl partnered with Fond to quickly gather historical data, analyze trends and build adaptable revenue models accounting for multiple distribution channels.

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Greenhouse Moves Up-Market

Greenhouse had gained a position in the market as a leader in talent acquisition technology among small and mid-size businesses, and the company was ready to move up-market. But what was the right strategy for doing so? Owl partnered with Greenhouse to answer that very question.

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Regardless of the project we're working on with you, Owl consultants stand out by being:

We are product marketing consultants that are:

Strategic enough to handle your toughest projects

Flexible enough to tackle creative and quantitative work

Expert at working cross-functionally

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