It’s no secret that knowing your buyers can help you sell more effectively. But determining what information you will actually be able to apply can be a little tricky. Here, we present 21 questions you need to ask to craft actionable buyer personas that align departments around common market segments.

These are our top 21 questions for finding out what you really need to know.

  1. What is their job title?
  2. What are their responsibilities?
  3. What’s the most frustrating aspect of their current position?
  4. What’s the most rewarding aspect of their current position?
  5. Who are their superiors?
  6. How is their success in the workplace measured?
  7. What industry is their company part of?
  8. How large is their company?
  9. What are their values as a company? Consider how these may align with your own.
  10. What are their goals as a company? How are these goals measured?
  11. What are their own professional goals?
  12. How did they hear about your product?
  13. What are their most used knowledge resources?
  14. What are they hoping to change or solve by using your product?
  15. How long could they delay finding a solution to the pain points your product would address?
  16. Estimate the financial cost of persisting without solving these pain points.
  17. Why might they decide not to pursue a solution?
  18. Have they tried or considered other solutions?
  19. What are their decision criteria?
  20. Who is involved in making the decision to purchase?
  21. Recall the last time they had an exceptionally positive buying experience. What made it so positive?

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