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Our mission is to help companies make smarter business decisions so they can win in their markets.

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Product-Driven, People-Centric

Our go-to-market strategy consulting offers clients a unique advantage in this world of digital transformation. We know that by helping clients make informed decisions prior to execution, they accelerate the perceived value of their offerings and can evolve quickly in a fast-based world.

Achieving go-to-market excellence requires much more than focusing on operational efficiency or even focusing on customer loyalty. It takes a team that can gain a wholistic view of your market and help you think through your business critically, alleviating the simultaneous struggle for

savings, growth, and relevance in a world of overnight innovations. We help clients thrive in this new world because we’ve been helping to create it, both professionally and personally. Our customer-centric view and ability to reimagine offer practical and significant advantages.

When you work with Owl, you work with a team who understands the day-to-day growth pressures you face, but has the strategic knowledge and capacity to help you step back and set your business up for sustained revenue growth.

“A well-crafted approach to the market fuels your success by maximizing perceived value for your target audience and capturing maximum value for your business. That takes a balance of head and heart."

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Michael Stapleton

CEO & Founder

Michael Stapleton is the Founder and CEO of Owl. He started the firm when he saw: 1) How many companies focused their marketing on promotional activities without really understanding their go-to-market strategy, and 2) How many agencies were set up to support those promotional activities. Owl was founded on the belief that demand generation becomes simple when you have a strong foundational strategy in place.

Before founding Owl, Michael was the VP of Marketing at Fond (formerly AnyPerk), where he was responsible for shaping go-to-market strategy, building brand awareness, and driving growth. Prior to Fond, he was the VP of Marketing at Gild (acquired by Citadel). Michael graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Reed College with a B.A. in English. An active alumnus, he leads alumni development for the college as chair of Alumni Fundraising for Reed.

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